Why did you sign up to do this race?
This year marks 10 years since I went into remission for Leukemia (AML). I wanted to celebrate and commemorate the decade it has been with a 10k race.

As well as mark the event I wanted to feel the burning in my chest, the pain in my legs and the sweat drip down my face. Because 10 years ago I almost lost the chance to experience anything, which makes even the most challenging circumstance ultimately rewarding.

How did you feel once you crossed the finish line?

More than the end of the race, it was a sense of closure after a tough, exciting, challenging and rewarding ten years without cancer.

What would you say was the hardest challenge in this race?
Running past a line of portables, I was busting to go. But not wanting to add any extra minutes to my time.
What was the most rewarding thing about completing this run?
Seeing my girlfriend at the end. Oh, and finally using the bathroom.
Was there anything or anyone in particular that helped you throughout your training?
As strange as it may sound, I thought about the 20 year old version of myself…the entire time.

When I was 20, and sitting in a hospital bed with Leukemia eating at my cells from the inside, I couldn’t see a future for myself.

Now, in every moment of pain, I thought about that 20 year old kid.

I pictured him watching me and I couldn’t stop. There was just no way.

That 20 year old version of me was watching me, he was looking up to me. He had to see what the man he would become was capable of.

So I kept running. Because I owed it, to myself.


Any final words of encouragement and thoughts you’d like to share?
Whether you’re running around the block, a 10k, or a marathon, there will be times when you hit a wall and wonder if it’s all worth it.

I promise you it is.

The easiest decision is so tempting. But it’s never the right decision.

And if you power through, just endure for one more step, one more step, just ONE more step.

If you do that…I promise magic happens.

It’s taken me 10 years, but I’ve been living that magic every day ever since.

You can read about some of Alex’s musings, travels and adventures on his website: Inked and Abroad.