High Five’s

50 Year Running Streak
PC: Nate Abbott

A FIFTY year running streak, ya’ll!


First Marathon Reverses Aging
PC: CC0 Public Domain

But there’s that first step (to a marathon, haha)… And “reverse” aging as a side benefit?


Matcha Fruit Bites

Organic Matcha Fruit Bites: You’ll love these matcha! Green tea + pure fruit purees with no added sugar make for the perfect energizing, antioxidant rich snack.


Brittany Runs A Marathon

Who has seen Brittney Runs a Marathon???


Kips Kale Chips

Kips Kale Chips: Seriously THE.BEST kale chips ever! And chock full of good for you nutrients. All the flavors are so innovative and just seasoned to perfection. We’ve met the creators who were just so dang nice and unassuming…


Polar RunningTips

Great pro tips from a coach on how to establish a new fitness routine. Also, check out Polar’s free training and fitness app.