Why did you sign up to do this race?
I came to triathlon late, as a non-runner and as a person who had not swum laps or ridden a bike since I was a kid. I just assumed I couldn’t do it. With heavy encouragement from a dear friend, I started to shuffle/run and compete in races. With my friend’s encouragement, I had a few swimming lessons, bought a secondhand bike and nervously entered my first tri.

I wasn’t fast, but I was hooked. The feeling of accomplishment crossing that line was indescribably good.

Since then, I have competed each season in a few races including the famous Noosa Tri. I have come to know that I am a completer, not a competer and my reward is that this non-runner, swimmer, biker can get this done and enjoy it.

Through my journey, I have battled and so far beaten cancer. This scare makes me appreciate so much more what my body can achieve and what an absolute privilege to be out there when so many others can’t.

I entered the State Tri Sprint Championships because I just wanted another opportunity to get out there. I knew in advance I’d be at the tail of the field and that was okay. I had avoided these events in the past because they are usually filled with good and fast athletes and I didn’t feel I belonged. I didn’t want my fear of being last to stop me from competing.

How did you feel once you crossed the finish line?
I knew from early in the race that I was likely to be last. The swim did not go well for me. I was able to make up so time on the bike, but not enough.

I crossed the line with my son running beside me, my family cheering and the unconditional support from the peeps at Tri South.

And yes, this time it had happened. I was last. Dead last. And it was OK. More than OK, because I am there to compete. To finish. To have fun and know I achieved all of those things.


What would you say was the hardest challenge in this race?
The hardest challenge was the swim and falling well off the pace early. They literally were dismantling the swim course behind me.
Was there anything or anyone in particular that helped you throughout your training?
I am driven to train by the desire to stay well. Training is my “me time.”
Any final words of encouragement and thoughts you’d like to share?
I have been chosen as an ambassador for FOHER Co and I believe this is largely because I am proof that ANYONE can do a triathlon — the only thing you need is the desire to do it.