Why did you sign up to do this race?
I signed up for the race because I set a goal to finish 20 races in 2020. What better way to set myself up for success than finish one on the 4th day of the year?

How did you feel once you crossed the finish line?
Hungry. I didn’t eat before the race, and had been sick the week before without much of an appetite. So my first feeling was hunger. Pride quickly followed.
What would you say was the hardest challenge in this race?
The hardest thing was convincing myself to start. I had been sick the week before so I hadn’t run in like 10 days (new runner here) and was overall feeling kind of run down and weak. They were also calling for rain (it didn’t). I made every excuse in the book not to go, but finally said that I’m not starting the year on this foot.
What was the most rewarding thing about completing this run?
The fact that I talked myself into it. I had so many reasons not to go to the race, but I talked myself into going to it and even talked myself into finishing it. It made me realize there’s probably a lot I can talk myself into.
Was there anything or anyone in particular that helped you throughout your training?
Nope. Unfortunately for me, I’m very much a lone wolf type. No one even knew I had signed up for the race. I kind of live by the motto “Set goals. Stay quiet about them. Clap for yourself. Repeat.” Telling others my goals tends to allow them to feel they can weigh in and can create doubt that I’ll accomplish them.
Any final words of encouragement and thoughts you’d like to share?
Running (much like fitness and life) is almost entirely mental. Yes, your body has to do some work too, but if your mind believes you can do it, you almost certainly will. If your mind doesn’t believe you can, you almost certainly won’t.

Also, every single thing in running is you vs. you. Are you faster than you were yesterday? Stronger? Run farther? Then you won. Even if the official race says you came in last.

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